Engineer Average Arrival Times – The Results

In terms of facility management, when a lift stops working or a power outage is severe enough to stop your operation, how long it takes for an engineer to arrive is vital.

Arriving fast and fixing the problem so you can resume your operation stops you losing money.

So how long does it take for an engineer to arrive? That’s what we set out to discover.

The Actual Results

Firstly, the question: How long does it take in hours for an engineer to arrive from the moment you request a visit?

Survey participants: 365 companies in the West Midlands area were sent the survey.

Rationale for calculation: Only respondents who gave a response in terms of hours (as opposed to days) were included to calculate the averages.


Result: The average arrival time was 5.5 hours.

The response was great. But to arrive at an average, we couldn’t use all of the responses. We asked people to tell us the average arrival time in hours, and many people answered that precisely.

Others, however, reported arrival times in terms of average days, and in one case suggested it’s about a week or more.


What Does This Mean For You?

From our perspective, we’re pleased that we’re beating the average for the region. We do, however, have an advantage over our rivals because we cover ONLY this area.

And, because we have an established team and large concentrations of clients in the region, our arrival times are naturally faster.

In terms of what it means for you, you now know there’s an alternative. How much does it cost for every hour of downtime? Many measure this in terms of thousands per hour. So considering an established and local provider with a great reputation can make sense.

When is your contract due for renewal?

Perhaps we should get you a price so you can compare – you may save yourself a small fortune in downtime, as well as lower the cost of your Facility Management service. Being local, we can very often beat the price you pay.


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