Top Tips to Cut Carbon Emissions and Save Cash

Whether your business measures its carbon footprint or just wants to minimise operational spend, investing in regular plant maintenance could result in significant savings. 

We understand more than most just how critical it is to keep a building’s core services up and running in a cost-effective way. Without regular maintenance, servicing and monitoring, the risk of equipment or component failure, resulting in increasing energy bills, is often missed (or spotted too late and the entire piece of equipment needs replacing)

Here are our top tips for cutting carbon and driving down energy bills:

1.    Ensure your boilers are regularly serviced; even a small fault can affect performance which could have operational implications for your business and increase your energy consumption

2.    Replace parts before wear and tear becomes a risk of break down – regular maintenance will ensure components at risk of failure are identified and replaced in good time

3.    Condition monitoring of components within your boiler, fan coil units or air handling units can actually help to predict their lifecycle so that maintenance can be implemented before any performance issues occur

4.    Adjusting the settings on your building management system (BMS) in line with seasonal changes in temperature or commercial changes in production schedules/staffing levels can ensure you optimise plant for your current needs rather than wasting energy on heating, cooling and ventilation above your requirements