A Trio of Top Tips About Outsourcing That You May Not Know

We appreciate that many facilities managers, business managers, caretakers may have considered outsourcing maintenance but stopped short of taking the plunge for many reasons – not least cost being one of them. Whatever may have held you back in the past, we think there are three things you should consider about outsourcing and how it can help:

1.    Outsourcing could save you ££££s

How can paying for a service save you money? By optimising your equipment, protecting you from downtime and ensuring services are well-maintained so that they don’t need expensive emergency repairs.

2.    It could also improve response times

With an in-house only resource, your maintenance or repair work is dependent on the availability of the right skills from within your business.  When you work with us, we guarantee emergency response within two hours and you can check progress, order maintenance jobs or check your maintenance schedule 24/7 via our secure online portal

3.    It ensures the right expertise in the right place

Because we have a team of experts to call on, we can ensure you have all the specialist knowledge and experience you need.  For example, if you need a gas engineer to service your boiler, we’ll send you one, ensuring the job gets done quickly, safely and to fully-compliant standards.