As the weather hots up, ERIKS keep cool!

After many years of maintaining the facilities at several ERIKS sites across the UK, we were asked to start the maintenance on the Maidenhead site last year.

The contract started out maintaining the gas heaters and completing all the gas servicing for their site. As with other ERIKS sites we work with, their existing maintenance contracts were with various suppliers and needed renewing at different times of the year. We’re really pleased to announce that they have decided to give us the contract for their onsite Air-conditioning maintenance, required to keep everything cool during the summer period and to ensure compliance with the latest regulations regarding the safe use of refrigerant gases, this also allows the heating and cooling services to be under one contract. Taking advantage of our flexible renewal contracts means they can have a renewal date and invoicing date all at the same time, rather than staggered throughout the year.

This new contract will last two and a half years, to run alongside the existing three-year contract period enabling us to bring all of the different maintenance contracts together and renew at the same time.

We’re looking forward to working with even more members of the ERIKS team!