Need Some Top Tips for Eliminating Downtime?

Downtime is the enemy of any business.  Regardless of the nature of your operation, business interruption can have a significant impact on your ability to keep your promises to customers, which could affect your reputation and customer relationships for a lot longer than the incident itself.

And when you’re running a large building with a complex network of services, it doesn’t take much for a small maintenance issue to become a big business continuity problem.

As a company that looks after lots of warehouses, production facilities and logistics hubs for our customers, Morson FM understands more than most just how critical it is to keep a building’s core services up and running. Without regular maintenance, servicing and monitoring, the risk of equipment or component failure is often spotted too late to prevent downtime, costing much more in repairs and business interruption than a regular maintenance schedule would.

And, of course, that kind of emergency maintenance and repair often represents an unplanned cost; unlike the predictable budget allocation of a managed maintenance contract.

So, how can you ensure that your business is protected from the potentially costly and damaging effects of downtime?  Here are our top tips for tackling potential maintenance and compliance issues early, before they become a threat to business continuity:

Here are our top tips for eliminating downtime:

1.    Keep accurate servicing and maintenance records that ensure mandatory compliance checks and routine maintenance are up to date

2.    Replace system critical components at the first signs of wear and tear to avoid the risk of system failure

3.    Plan annual checks, services and routine maintenance around your operational schedule so that they can be done out of hours or during quieter periods

4.    Ensure you work with an experienced FM provider that can offer you expertise across your business critical requirements, including all mechanical and electrical services

5.    Agree a service level with your FM provider in advance, including maintenance and servicing intervals

6.       Look for an FM provider that can offer you accountable 24/7 real time information on your maintenance requirements via innovative use of IT, like Morson FM’s customer portal