How to Spend More Time on the Golf Course!

Sales figures, growth plans, people management, commercial strategy…if you’re running a business, you’ll have quite a ‘to do’ list.

Which is why micro-managing compliance and maintenance of the building services at your premises is not just an extra headache you could do without, but potentially also a distraction that could keep you away from your core business and scupper your work/life balance.

The problem is, building services compliance is not an optional, nice-to-have tick in a box; it’s a vital part of your due diligence that safeguards your business, your property and the health and safety of everyone in it.

Mandatory tests and checks, regular servicing and routine maintenance protects your business against downtime from faulty electrics, heating or air conditioning etc.  It also protects your people, your assets and your reputation from potential health and safety risks such as carbon monoxide, legionella or electrical fires.

While major problems are rare, if compliance and routine maintenance are allowed to slide, they can happen.  Moreover, smaller problems, such as faulty fuses, underperforming heating systems or non-compliant air conditioning can lead to business interruption or costly asset replacement requirements if left unchecked.

The bottom line is that there is no substitute for peace of mind. And if you outsource management, maintenance and compliance of your building services to a third party expert, you can be confident of a planned and well-resourced approach to testing, mandatory checks, maintenance and repair.

At Morson FM, we understand the intricacies of maintaining building services because our business has been built on a track record of installing them.

From heating and cooling to fire protection and security systems, our clients trust us to ensure that their services are fully-operational and fully-compliant at all times.

Our call out guarantee means that our clients can rely on having an engineer on site within two hours if urgent repairs or maintenance are needed. Call outs are rare for our team, however, because our proactive approach to regular maintenance and management of annual checks means that our clients’ building services are always fully-compliant and well looked after.

For added peace of mind, we even ensure that our client can check their maintenance schedule and monitor the progress of current works at any time by using our secure online portal.

There are some risks that you can’t avoid in business, but downtime or health and safety issues due to faulty equipment can be engineered out of your site by using third party maintenance and compliance experts like Morson FM.  That way, you can have more free time to focus on driving your business…and perhaps the odd round of golf or week in the sun.