Heating Systems

A well-maintained heating system is a good idea for any business. Not only will your occupants be more comfortable and productive but you also lessen the risk of winter hazards such as frozen pipes or staff absences not to mention energy efficiency and cost reduction on excessive fuel bills.

Today's heating systems are very different from the old systems that many buildings still have. Modern systems are smaller, quieter, and more energy efficient. There are also more options for the heating source. Systems can run on gas, electricity, and steam, as well as more eco-friendly fuel sources such as wood pellets, water, and even solar. The type of heat source you may have will depend on the geographical location of your business, the size of the building, and other original design criteria.

Our experienced heating engineers are able to provide fully integrated planned maintenance to a wide range of heating systems, covering all aspects of the system, from source (e.g. boiler etc.), distribution (pipe work / ductwork etc.) to final heat output units (radiators, warm air heaters, under floor heating etc.)

In addition to the above emergency works can be carried out as require ensuring that any impacts upon your business critical needs are kept to an absolute minimum.