Complete Accountability

When you’re in control of your FM, you’re in control of your building. Morson FM’s specially-developed Portal and App ensures you can track what’s happening minute by minute, site by site.

It’s a service you won’t find anywhere else because we designed and developed it ourselves to give our customers exactly what they need from us: complete accountability for reliable service.

100 per cent accurate

You can use it to track maintenance schedules, monitor completion of jobs, book reactive maintenance and download paperwork. It’s simple to use and 100 per cent accurate at all times.

Of course, you’re welcome to call us on 0121 508 6800 if you’d prefer, but our Portal and App have been designed to give you the next best thing to being on site yourself and, once you’ve tried it, we predict you’ll never want to be without it.

Delivering consistent quality, value and innovative service solutions

Bespoke designed mobile app

Conceived, designed and developed by company engineers and operatives with customers in mind, the app will consist of a document management system and fault register which can be assessed from a PC, tablet or mobile device.

The best customer service

The initiative underlines not only Morson FM's constant commitment to providing the best customer service but also the ability to change with the times that has enabled it to enjoy 20 successful years in business.

WE wanted to make communication and transparency between us and our clients even better which is why we created this software. It will also help to boost our already impressive reaction times.
— Paul Morris, Company Founder and Managing Director

Call us on 0121 508 6800 to find out more.