NTN Bearings

David Sansoni and his team of warehouse managers at NTN Bearings, oversee the maintenance of all the onsite facilities. NTN Bearings are the 3rd largest bearings manufacturing group in the world – supplying the automotive and aerospace industries.

Preventative maintenance is required to ensure no problems arise in the day to day running of the warehouse. Preventing any downtime which can be more costly than the maintenance contract itself.

“Morson FM come to the site every Tuesday, which means we can have a list of things and know that they will get sorted every Tuesday” David explained.


“Our previous maintenance contractors were performing very poorly. They weren’t turning up at the time they were supposed to, and some of the actual maintenance work was very poor.

We took the decision to find another facilities maintenance company and Morson’s had sent us a leaflet and brochure a few weeks before.

We decided to give them a try and haven’t looked back since. They’re very good and on the few occasions when there has been an emergency they respond really quickly.”


“When they first started to look after our maintenance there was a good handover and they picked everything up really quickly.

They’ve been working for us for 18 months now and keeps the warehouse running smoothly.

I’ve only had to use the online portal a handful of times – the preventative maintenance package gives us the chance to create a list of any problems as the week goes along, and they fix them every week.”