Madeley Academy

Nigel Lumby is the Fabric Manager at Madeley Academy in Telford. The school reopened in 2009 with brand-new state of the art buildings. With a lot of mechanical and electrical equipment throughout the building, the maintenance of it is paramount to keeping the school running and ensuring the equipment lasts for many years to come.

Nigel explained “They’re very good when it comes to preventative maintenance – we’re a relatively new school, so looking after the equipment is important – future proofing it!”

“There was an issue with our ground source heat pumps, during one of their maintenance inspections, they identified the issue with and resolved it, using one of their pump suppliers – saving us thousands.”

As well as the in-house engineers Morson FM have an approved supplier list of trusted engineers, meaning that any maintenance issue can be resolved quickly.

“They’re my first point of contact” said Nigel “it’s very reassuring to know that if it’s something they can’t do there and then, they have the resources to find the experts to rectify a problem. I don’t have to go trawling through the yellow pages to try and find someone! It’s one phone call and I know the matter will be resolved!”

As with all preventative maintenance contracts the same engineers visit the site, so they know the building and are familiar with the equipment. “There’s two regular engineers – that’s another good thing – they know the building. If you got a different person each time and they don’t know the buildings, you’ve got to spend time showing them around. With the Morson FM engineers I can just give them the master key and off they go!”

As with all school buildings, there is always a need for reactive maintenance. As Nigel explained “I’ve got three large buildings with several boilers in each one. There isn’t one boiler that works all of the heating – there’s a total of 13 boilers. If I’ve got an issue Morson FM will bust a gut to get an engineer out to resolve the problem. Other companies can take 3-4 days, and that’s about downtime. You start to get a bit twitchy if you’ve got a boiler down and a school to run!”