ERIKS Industrial

Paul Davidson is the Property Manager for Eriks, the European market leader for Industrial Products and Services. It is his role to oversee the maintenance of all the buildings and facilities throughout the UK.

The benefits to Eriks of working with Morson FM to receive preventative maintenance is “knowing that systems are going to keep running without you having to think about it. We know it’s with someone reliable who’s looking after the routine side of things.

“It means we are looking after the equipment whether it be our own or the landlord’s property, so it lasts longer and especially the modern-day kit it ensures it’s more efficient because it is having its filters cleaned.

It’s about having a planned maintenance regime in place but also it makes sure everything is running efficiently rather than waiting for something to break. And looking after it so it lasts longer.” Paul explained.

Morson FM have been maintaining all their air con units, gas heating systems and hot water systems for the last seven years. The maintenance increases the serviceable life span of the equipment by 10 to 15 years and can lower the energy consumption by up to 15%.


Eriks have now been using Morson FM for several years, as they specialise in M&E maintenance and can do everything needed, with one point of contact.

“Previous to using Morsons we had a planned maintenance schedule for the air conditioning kits with one company, another looked after the boiler and so on – we had lots of different contracts for various things, lots of different invoices coming in and contracts ending at different times – the benefit to using Morson FM is being able to bring it all under one roof – it saves time and money, and they’re only round the corner to our sites.”


With Facilities Maintenance, two-way communication is imperative – whether it’s the office staff or the engineers that go on-site – Paul comments on his experience when handling maintenance with Morson FM:

“Visits are always pre-arranged so we know when to expect them and it fits in with what we’re doing. They arrive promptly and I know they can be left to get on with the job without supervision”

“There’s a range of equipment they look after, air con, boilers, gas heaters in the warehouses – sometimes we need a plumber or electrician, sometimes an HVAC technician and we’ve got to know them all over the years. It tends to be the same engineers that come along.”