CTC Kingshurst Academy

Carl Hoyles is the Facilities Manager at CTC Kingshurst Academy. The Academy is a unique institution, at the cutting edge of technology and education with pioneering educational initiatives and endeavouring to provide a stimulating education environment. With a daily turnover of  1600+ students, 250+ staff members, 160+ place nursery and 8 buildings to maintain it’s a constant challenge looking after a site of this magnitude.

Carl explained “It makes my life a lot easier to have Morson’s doing the preventative maintenance, as well as the statutory and mandatory health checks that need to be done by law – they look after all of that.”

“I can leave them to it. We’re on a 12-month contract and that is divided up between the different buildings on a monthly basis. They’ve got a schedule which is monitored by head office; the engineers are prompt and they follow the monthly requirements – that’s why it makes my job a lot easier.”

Back in 2010 Morson FM’s sister company P&R Morson completed a £2.2 million mechanical & electrical fit out for a new build of an 80,000 2ft spread across 4 floors and a new multi tenanted training facility. As well as the refurbishment of the existing school.

After the project completed Morson FM took over the maintenance of the site “As a consequence of the M&E works on a number of projects at the school I’ve always engaged with Morson FM for the maintenance of all the equipment” said Carl.

“Certain equipment need regular maintenance as per their manufacturing specification.”

“Looking at the cost of preventative maintenance versus the cost of closing the school down, over the long term, it is more cost effective to have a maintenance contract. We also have a duty of care in line with equipment warranties and manufacturers instruction for inspection and service.”